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matfein's Journal
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Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
3:57 pm
Silly quiz that hits too close to home
So I've been reading la_directora's recent posts, including all the quizzes she got at blogthings, and doing some of them for myself.

The birthdate thing, though, is so eerily accurate that it feels like they've been reading my mail. Check it out:

Your Birthdate: December 31

Your birthday suggests that you are a good organizer and manager, an energetic and dependable worker; attributes often showing success in the business world.

Serious and sincere, you have the patience and determination necessary to accomplish a great deal.

Your approach can be original, but often rigid and stubborn.

Sensitivity may be present, but feeling are likely to be repressed.

You are good with detail and insist on accuracy, but at times scatter energies.

You're a practical thinker, but not without imagination.

You love travel and don't like to live alone.

You should probably marry early, for responsibility is necessary for your stability.

Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
4:42 pm
Fuzzy Head
Well, let's see. I've had a cold for the last week (today's the first day I don't actually feel sick). And then yesterday my usual 45-minute commute home from work became a 4-hour slice of hell. Is it any wonder that I'm a bit out of it today?

On the other hand, the Harry Potter fan fiction idea that's been floating around in my head for the last month or so has finally started to coalesce. I've got four pages (or so) written. Anyone interested in reading?

Now all I have to do is get equal amounts of work done on my actual work.

Current Mood: confused
Friday, February 25th, 2005
2:35 pm
Long-awaited non-update
Well, I did say that I wouldn't be updating this very frequently. But I recently saw a meme that just seems fascinating to me.

It's about banned books -- a list of the top 100 most frequently challenged books of 1990-2000 according to the American Library Association. (Okay, the original meme used a different list, but I wanted to go to the source.)

So the meme asks people to bold the books they've read, italicize the books they've read part of, and underline the books they haven't read but would like to. So here's the list.Collapse )
So this version is not quite as interesting as the ones that include things like the Bible and the Koran, but it's probably more accurate.

Friday, January 14th, 2005
12:25 pm
My Characters
On a totally different topic, I was talking to a couple of you (tikvah, seeliefey, rikibeth) about a role-playing game I want to run. Since not all of you got the chance to see the characters I've worked up, I'm going to post them here. Let me know what y'all think of them.Character information...Collapse )
Monday, January 10th, 2005
12:54 pm
Really Cool Course
I'm really excited about the course I'm going to be teaching this spring. It's called Business Communication, and it's got two parts. One part is the standard lecture/discussion/assignment stuff where I talk to them about how to write a resume and cover letter, an executive summary to a report, etc.

The second part of the course is an extended simulation. They're all employees of a "Land's End type company" that's looking to expand into a new product area. They divide into groups and research (and produce a report and a presentation) on a new product area that they think would work for the company. In the simulation, I'm the Director of Research. I get to force them to work in the group as they would in a real company -- including telling them that they have to work out group differences themselves, getting them to submit performance evaluations (signed!) on each other, getting progress reports, and so on.

This just sounds to me like a really cool way to learn about Business Communication -- and the simulation part of the class is being done on a distance learning system called Blackboard. I can even have office hours and classes online -- so I don't have to drive the 40 minutes to get to the campus.

This is just going to be cool!

Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, December 28th, 2004
12:30 am
Welcome to my Life
Well, at the urging of neilfein and la_directora and tikvah and rikibeth, among others, I'm finally here on LJ. I don't know how often I'll be updating, but at least now neilfein can't keep bugging me about not being a member. So comment already!

Current Mood: amused
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